About me

I have been drawing for longer than I can remember. At the age of 8, I got my first bike by winning the first prize of a drawing contest organized by the public-private company Aigues de Barcelona. As I was getting older, my scope of interests and motivations expanded and I decided to pursue my studies in philosophy and learn about the complexity of human nature and the history of ideas. A similar motivation aspired me to study social and cultural anthropology and to graduate also in education and languages. Maybe these are not subjects one would choose to study to earn a living, but I have always been thinking outside the box, finding my own particular way in this amazing world.

In the meantime, I also learned computer programming and I started my professional career as a web and graphic designer in the private sector, while continuing my work and collaborations for academia in Spain, Germany, and Austria. Since then, much has happened. I was awarded various research scholarships, I lived in several countries, I designed a number of websites, and I hung on to my passion for continuous learning and for leveraging my personal and professional skills.

Currently I work for the United Nations for Disarmament Affairs as a media editor and eLearning developer. As a believer and enthusiast of the United Nations’ mandate, I develop creative solutions for today’s and tomorrow’s world.